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Fire Damage In Pictures

Fire damage is devastating to any homeowner and if you have gone through it personally then you know how absolutely stressful and disastrous the situation is. But if you have not gone through it do you know just what fire actually does to your property? Not only does it burn materials it can also leave rooms completely ruined by soot alone. After fire damage soot usually comes in the form of a thick film on the materials and objects in the room. Here are some of the fire projects that we have taken on and restored:

fire damaged home

fire damaged garage

fire damaged home

soot damaged room


How to Maintain a Solid Customer – Contractor Relationship

When you want to undergo a home improvement project on your property whether it is damage restoration renovations roof repair or even window installation it is important to call the professionals. If you haven’t worked with a contractor before than you may not be aware of the components that are involved in a customer-contractor relationship. Whether you are new to the process or just want to improve your relationship with a contractor consider these following tips!

First be very clear about what it is what you want done and don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t like something. Many contractors state that homeowner’s who have well-defined goals are usually the customers who are the most satisfied in the end. Make your goals clear during the first stage of discussion and then when the contract is written take the time to read it and go over the details again. If you are unhappy with an aspect of the project or even if you have a question bring it to the attention of the contractor as soon as possible. One of the biggest annoyances to contractors is letting them start the job and then say you meant that you wanted something else but didn’t speak up.

Secondly you need to be available for the estimate. This is pretty dependent on the size and scope of your project and the contractor’s preferences but some contractors may provide you with an estimate any time from one day to several weeks after you submit your project. The reason for this is that it will involve researching the cost of materials calculating the time needed to complete the job the number of workers needed etc. As a customer the best thing possible is to make an effort to be available when the contractor contacts you and try not to be late! Driving to the site discussing the job with you and preparing a written estimate all cost the contractor time and money. A “free estimate” isn’t actually free for the contractors; it’s an investment that they will later have to pay for.

After you have undergone the estimate phase you will need to let the rejected contractors know of your decision. Since you probably have contacted more than one contractor it’s important to let the rejected contractors know that you won’t be in need of their services after all. While an estimate may be free to the customer it will still cost the contractor valuable time effort and money to meet one on one with you and provide you with a written estimate. Sure they will probably get the picture if you continuously ignore their calls for an extended period of time but it is much more polite and professional to call the contractor personally so they can then focus their time and effort somewhere else.

Next you should always make your payments on time. Being a customer you are responsible for making payments to the contractor of your choice according to the guidelines highlighted in your contract. In the same way you would be frustrated by a late payment from your workplace the contractor will begin to feel impatient when payments are consistently delayed. The best thing you can do to maintain a positive relationship with the contractor is keep track of when the payments are due and always make the extra effort to submit those payments in a timely manner. This will show the contractor that you are appreciative and professional and it encourages them to complete the job with fantastic results.

Lastly you need to trust your contractor. Once you have verified the contractor’s credentials such as certifications and experience level and their customer references and established a contract you should trust in their ability to finish the job. If your contractors have proved that they are capable of providing you with quality service you should try to avoid hovering over the work site. Not only will it slow progress on the job it can lead to contractor to believe you don’t have any faith in their work capability.

How to Tell if You Have Mold in Your Home

Mold can be a harmful material to your health if ingested or breathed in and it is important that if it is present on your property that you have it taken care of immediately. Here are some steps to help you determine if mold is present on your property.

Firstly the most obvious sign of mold is a constant musty odor. When mold is growing in your home or business it will leave a musty and disgusting odor. Don’t ignore these odors even if you can’t spot the mold by means of the naked eye. You should thoroughly inspect your home before these problems continue and lead to even larger scale issues.

It seems obvious that visible mold growth means that you have a mold issue on your property. However many people don’t notice small amounts of mold growth or they presume that it’s just soot or dirty. Sometimes people even ignore the visible mold in their homes because they don’t want to deal with it.  If you can see any kind of mold growth even if it is small you should begin to take action immediately.  Even small mold patches can spread and the fact that there is any mold present at all shows that the conditions in your home are favorable for mold to grow.  If you don’t address the problem quickly it will only become a larger issue. Visible mold growth could also be an outward sign that there is a much larger mold colony growing that is hidden from view.

Sometimes you may not realize there is mold in your home especially if it is unusual in appearance. Some mold growth looks white and thread-like while other strains of mold can appear as clusters of small black spots. Mold can be anything from black gray brown green or white in color. If there is mold growing behind wallpaper made of vinyl it can even appear as orange pink or purple.

If you have had a moisture problem in your home for the long term that you haven’t addressed it is more than likely than you have mold. Some signs of a moisture issue can include water stains discoloration on walls floors or ceilings in your home. If you find one of these clues then there is a chance that there may be mold growing behind the material. Another sign of a moisture issue is peeling bubbling or cracking of the paint or wallpaper. If your walls are bowed bulging or warped then it means that moisture has made its way into them.

Mold can have toxic effects on you if it is not taken care of in a timely manner. This could mean anything from headaches shortened attention span or trouble concentrating. If you are experiencing these neurological symptoms and it is not in the norm it could possibly be a sign that toxic mold is growing somewhere in your home. Mycotoxins from toxic molds such as Stachybotrys chartarum can have a mental affect on people much more severe than the allergic symptoms that are caused by different non-toxic strains.

If you have experienced mold on your property a mold remediation professional is needed to remove it safely and efficiently.

What To Do After A Fire in Your Home

After a fire occurs in your home you are probably confused and anxious thinking about the cleanup process. But unless you take the time to contact a professional and get their expert advice you may be wasting your efforts or even creating further damage.  After the flames have been extinguished you should call your insurance agency immediately. They can give you immediate feedback on the restoration or the replacement of any personal items that may have been damaged by soot smoke or the flames themselves.  If you are only a renter you should let the owner know so that both of you can do a damage assessment.

Your insurance agency may also be able to provide you with a professional fire restoration contractor. These professionals can provide you with hints to prevent any further damages and can help determine which personal items of yours can be refurbished or not. These experts can also administer estimates and services for effectively cleaning and deodorizing your property. These services can be expensive but the cost may be substantially less than the cost of replacing any damaged or unsalvageable items such as furnishings and even flooring. You can find the names of fire damage contractors under “Fire & Water Damage Restoration”.

To prevent any further damage you need to follow strict guidelines to safely and efficiently restore your property back to pre-disaster condition. Be sure that you have permission for your local fire marshal to re-enter your home before you do so. Also you should get the air moving and open windows to properly ventilate the areas. Before starting any cleanup efforts it is important that your property be secured through a board up whether by professionals or yourself. This ensures that no vandals will enter your home or anyone for that matter unless you are there.

A fire in the home should always be taken care of in a timely and safe manner. As time passes the damages will only worsen. The types of damage after a fire can be soot ash charring smoke odor etc. It could be damage to a single room which is something that you could probably manage by yourself or extensive damage. Extensive damage should be taken care of by the professionals with state of the art equipment and techniques. You should spend a little time to think about whether you can handle the job on your own or if you will need to call in a team of professional cleaners.

California is experiencing disastrous wildfires now that are finally beginning to calm down you can read more about them here


Why You Should Call a Professional After a Sewer Backup in Your Home

A sewer backup in your home can be a stressful obstacle to overcome for any property owner. Many property owners don’t know this but it can actually be quite dangerous to your health if it is left unattended or not cleaned up properly and safely. In this type of situation it is quite important to call in a professional to come and clean up this mess using specialized safety protocol and techniques as this will ensure the safety of your home and everyone who inhabits it. A sewer backup can be caused by many things and it is also commonly referred to as raw sewage sewage sludge or septic tank waste. A sewer backup is usually comprised of black or grey water and often consists of organic waste and wastewater that is produced by household an industrial sources. Sewage can contain anything from soap to solid waste debris or even industrial effluent. This waste is discharged by drains and sewer lines away from the home. Being exposed to raw sewage or any of its counterparts could result in a number of different health problems such as:

Allergic Alveolitis: Inflammation in the lungs occurs and the symptoms include fever shortness of breath dry cough and aching muscles and joints.

Gastroenteritis: This is inflammation of the stomach and intestines and this can cause extreme discomfort with vomiting and cramps and is usually associated with a fever caused by an infectious agent.

Hepatitis: This disease occurs when the liver becomes inflamed. When this disease is caused directly by a sewer backup it is often recognized by jaundice and significant inflammation of the liver.

Weil’s Disease: This disease comes with a fever and symptoms of gastroenteritis mild jaundice and a persistent headache.
Asthma: This disease causes breathlessness chest tightness and wheezing in the respiratory tract. Other health dangers associated with a sewer backup are fatal liver kidney blood damage and skin/eye infections.
The most common ways for micro-organisms to enter the human body are hand to mouth by means of eating drinking or smoking. These organisms may also enter the body while breathing through aerosolized particles or dust. If you have any cuts scratches or penetrating wounds these contaminants could also enter through those orifices.

These medical conditions are very serious and a sewage backup should not be taken lightly. You should always call in a team of professionals to clean up a sewage backup if it has occurred on your property. They can have your property looking as good as new in a safe and time efficient manner while taking the hassle off of your shoulders.

For other contractors like this check out extreme cleanup services.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

After sustaining fire or smoke damage to your property it is beneficial to your to call in a team of professionals to help repair and restore after the disaster. This is because fire damage restoration companies utilize many contractors. After a house fire you need a fire restoration company to dispatch contractors to first prevent additional damage from occurring and second to help restore your home. You will benefit from this in many ways as this will allow you to deal with other matters while the contractors work on your property. Many if not most companies employ contractors that have many years of experience in the field and the knowledge to use specialized tools that only they have access to in order to restore your property after a devastating home fire.

The biggest benefit of hiring a professional fire restoration company is that they employ many skilled and knowledgeable contractors that can work in several areas of your home at once. This is vital because there are many things that need to be addressed in the hours following a fire such as preventing more water damage. Structural issues soot and other debris must also be addressed so that the full restoration process can begin. Multiple technicians working in unison can help get rid of these issues in a fraction of the time that a homeowner would be able to in most cases. Also because these technicians are fully trained and knowledgeable you can rest assured that they follow proper safety protocol and guidelines to keep your property the inhabitants of your property and you safe while they are working.

If you decide to ask your insurance company for a fire damage restoration company reference than you can be sure that your insurance provider can vouch for the company’s methods and business ethic.  There are two benefits to working with a company that has been referred by your insurance company. You know that the two companies have a good standing business relationship and in turn that guarantees that the settlement offered is fair and adequate to restore your property. The other benefit is that it reduces the time you spend looking for other fire damage restoration companies that are in your area. This is critical because time is a vital part of the fire damage restoration process and you must begin work your home quickly and preferably within the first 24 hours of the damage. Because the fire department and insurance adjuster must clear your home before you can work this leaves a small amount of time to begin seeking out multiple companies and come to a decision about hiring one.

Professional fire damage restoration companies use very expensive equipment that is specialized for fire damage in the home. This equipment can be very expensive to rent own and is useless outside of the fire damage restoration atmosphere. An Ozone machine is just the perfect example. This machine generates a toxic gas which saturates the surfaces in your home and in turn draws out the harmful effects of smoke odor. Unless you have the proper knowledge of this machine and the costs it is best to leave the job to the professionals in this type of situation.

All in all fire damage restoration firms can benefit you and your home in many ways especially because they can do it in a safe and timely manner. If you need more information on the subject of fire damage restoration or have recently experienced a home fire yourself call The Restoration Pros today!

Fire & Smoke Damage – Call The Professionals!

Commercial properties can undergo fire damage as easily as residential properties. When this occurs it can leave a business owner feeling stressed out and devastated. You will need the help of professionals to get your commercial property back to its former glory with minimal interruptions to your business. It is always in your best interest to leave the job to the professionals in this type of situation. If you try to tackle this problem on your own without experience and knowledge you may end up doing more harm than good.  The professionals have all of the proper tools including manpower and equipment to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.

When it comes to fire damage there are many other underlying issues that can come along with it such as electrical wiring issues plumbing issues and even water damage. Many of these things only a trained eye can spot and that is why it is important to call the professionals soon after learning of the damage that has been sustained to your commercial property. Fire and smoke damage can occur for many reasons such as faulty electrical wiring or even equipment malfunctions but one thing is true among all factors; and that is that it needs to be cleaned and restored in a timely manner.

The first thing to do when sustaining fire and smoke damage to your commercial property is calling your insurance company. Find out if you are covered and then once you figure the situation out call in a team of certified professionals. The first thing that the pros will do when arriving to your property is an assessment. They will walk-through the property checking every crack and crevice to ensure that they haven’t missed anything.  From there they will set up a personalized recovery plan with you. Once you have signed off that you agree to the process being done on your property they will bring in the rest of the team to begin the fire and smoke damage restoration. If your commercial property has sustained water damage as well no worries. Many restoration companies can also help you if you have suffered from flooding too. If you have suffered smoke and soot damage to the contents of your building many restoration companies can also take care of that in-house. That means that they can take your items to their off-site facility to have them deodorized sanitized and looking as good as new in no time at all.

It is always in your commercial properties best interest to call the professionals in the situation of fire and smoke damage. They will be fully equipped ready and willing to help you out with any questions you may have. A professional restoration company will also be licensed bonded and insured. You should make sure to ask about any regulations involved in your specific situation. These regulations are in place to promote the safety of your building and the technicians working to restore it and should never be overlooked.

Holiday Fire Prevention Tips

Around the holiday season fires are more prone to occur due to the lighting of trees burning candles and other cooking incidents. The decorations that look good in the home or business can increase the chances of a fire that can lead to extensive damage to a property. The first and most important thing to remember is that all exits need to remain accessible and not blocked by decorations or trees at any time. If these exits are blocked injury or death due to a fire is more likely than if they were open and accessible. Here are some tips to help you keep your home or business safe during the holiday season when it comes to fires.

Christmas trees:
Indoor trees can present a very significant fire hazard. If you have an artificial tree make sure to check that it has been certified as fire-retardant by its manufacturer. For live trees it is more of a fire hazard. To avoid the tree catching on fire it needs to stay watered daily. Make sure that your tree is not dry and brittle. The needles on fresh trees should be green and difficult to pry off of the branches. A good way to tell if your tree has been freshly cut is by bending the needles. If it bends it is fresh. If the needle breaks than the tree is definitely dry. If you are still unsure bounce the tree off of the ground. If many needles fall to the ground the tree has probably been cut for too long and dried out. This makes the tree a fire hazard. Before you place your tree in the stand cut a couple inches from the base and add water to the stand. It is important to water the tree daily to keep it moist. You should keep the tree away from sources of heat such as a fireplace space heater or heat vent. The heat will dry out the tree and make it more susceptible to being ignited by flame or sparks. It is important to only leave a tree up for about two weeks and be sure to keep the stand filled with water at all times. Dried out trees are fire hazards and should not be left in the home or garage. After you have taken the decorations off of the tree put it by the curb for pickup so it is not near any source of heat in your home.

Holiday lights are prone to becoming an ignition source regardless if they are indoors or outdoors. You should only use lights that have the label of an independent testing laboratory. Also make sure you know whether they are designed for indoor or outdoor use. Do not connect more than three strands of mini-string sets and a max of 50 bulbs for screw-ins. Make sure to periodically check the wires if they are warm to the touch than they may be damaged. You should not use a string of lights that are worn or that have broken cords. You should never overload extension cords or outlets. If you leave your home or are going to bed make sure to turn off your lights beforehand.

If you use lit candles make sure to place them in an area where children cannot reach them and where animals and cords cannot knock them over. Make sure not to place candles near combustible items or where they could catch something on fire. Never leave the house or go to sleep use with candles burning.

It is important to make sure your fire detectors are in working order and that they are on every level of the home. Make sure to call 9-1-1 if you have a fire emergency in your home.