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How to Maintain a Solid Customer – Contractor Relationship

When you want to undergo a home improvement project on your property whether it is damage restoration renovations roof repair or even window installation it is important to call the professionals. If you haven’t worked with a contractor before than you may not be aware of the components that are involved in a customer-contractor relationship. Whether you are new to the process or just want to improve your relationship with a contractor consider these following tips!

First be very clear about what it is what you want done and don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t like something. Many contractors state that homeowner’s who have well-defined goals are usually the customers who are the most satisfied in the end. Make your goals clear during the first stage of discussion and then when the contract is written take the time to read it and go over the details again. If you are unhappy with an aspect of the project or even if you have a question bring it to the attention of the contractor as soon as possible. One of the biggest annoyances to contractors is letting them start the job and then say you meant that you wanted something else but didn’t speak up.

Secondly you need to be available for the estimate. This is pretty dependent on the size and scope of your project and the contractor’s preferences but some contractors may provide you with an estimate any time from one day to several weeks after you submit your project. The reason for this is that it will involve researching the cost of materials calculating the time needed to complete the job the number of workers needed etc. As a customer the best thing possible is to make an effort to be available when the contractor contacts you and try not to be late! Driving to the site discussing the job with you and preparing a written estimate all cost the contractor time and money. A “free estimate” isn’t actually free for the contractors; it’s an investment that they will later have to pay for.

After you have undergone the estimate phase you will need to let the rejected contractors know of your decision. Since you probably have contacted more than one contractor it’s important to let the rejected contractors know that you won’t be in need of their services after all. While an estimate may be free to the customer it will still cost the contractor valuable time effort and money to meet one on one with you and provide you with a written estimate. Sure they will probably get the picture if you continuously ignore their calls for an extended period of time but it is much more polite and professional to call the contractor personally so they can then focus their time and effort somewhere else.

Next you should always make your payments on time. Being a customer you are responsible for making payments to the contractor of your choice according to the guidelines highlighted in your contract. In the same way you would be frustrated by a late payment from your workplace the contractor will begin to feel impatient when payments are consistently delayed. The best thing you can do to maintain a positive relationship with the contractor is keep track of when the payments are due and always make the extra effort to submit those payments in a timely manner. This will show the contractor that you are appreciative and professional and it encourages them to complete the job with fantastic results.

Lastly you need to trust your contractor. Once you have verified the contractor’s credentials such as certifications and experience level and their customer references and established a contract you should trust in their ability to finish the job. If your contractors have proved that they are capable of providing you with quality service you should try to avoid hovering over the work site. Not only will it slow progress on the job it can lead to contractor to believe you don’t have any faith in their work capability.

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